Unlimited Tablets and Free Data For Life

free data for life 02

Free Data for Life

With a title like that, you’re probably asking about the catch, but there really isn’t one.  T-mobile is quite serious about its offerings and they mean to stay that way.  Now, with Free Data for Life on as many tablets as you want, the deals are only getting better.  It’s as if T-mobile sees a problem with the market and rather than try to spin a solution, they simply fix it.

No Contracts

The first great thing that T-mobile did in this championing for the people, is to eliminated service plan contracts.  They went to a system where the only contract is that you pay for the hardware at cost (over time).  Regardless of which company you go with, everyone pays for the hardware, but for every other mobile provider the final bill is the full 2 years. To leave T-mobile, you only need to pay off the phones.

Which leads me something  pretty cool about T-mobile.  You should not pay for the phone up-front.  All device loans or Equipment Installment Plans (EIP) are “at cost”, no interest. Whether you pay for it immediately or over time, you pay the same amount.

Unlimited Data

The second great thing about T-mobile is the dedication to Unlimited Data.  At no time, even prior to my having become a customer in 2008, have they ever cut off the data stream. Although they market it as X number of Gigabytes of 4G LTE data, the data does not stop once you hit that level. It merely reduces down to 2G or 3G speeds and continues. There’s no harsh fee for overages, because you can’t go over unlimited.

Free Data For Life

And finally, the Free Data For Life.  Every now and then T-mobile will do promotions where they offer a free Tablet and free data for life.  You do at least need to pay the taxes on the “free” tablet, but they’re not joking about the free data.  You will however get only 200 MB per month (It could be as much as 500 MB).  And to boot, there is no cap on the number of tablets.

If you want 10 tablets with 200 MBs of 4G LTE, you can get them all free date for life.  Or if you just happen to need 25 tablets with 200 MB of 4G LTE, but you don’t use them for 12 months, you’ll get 60 GB with all that roll-over data.  Yes, if you don’t remember to use all 200 MB of data, then you will keep it for up to 12 months.


The key factor here is the “Free Data For Life”, but simple fact that T-mobile will willing to offer unlimited tablets with that data and roll over, causes one to wonder.