If You Had All Digital Clocks, You’d Forget About Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time

It’s that “time” again, Daylight Savings Time, that is.  Time to “fall back” to the old time.  Yes, you wouldn’t even know that the time had changed, because your smartphone and tablet, desktop and laptop, atomic clock and Smart TV all set themselves at the exact time change. If the rules were changed yet again, the manufacturers of these devices could easily make a small change OTA to reflect it. And you still wouldn’t notice.

Alas, some of us still have appliances that are not connected.  We have desk clocks and analog wrist watches, wall clocks and grandfather clocks, DVD clocks and clocks in our vehicles, none of which are connected to the internet to update the time.

So take that extra hour and remember to set your non-connected clocks “BACK” an hour at 2 AM after Halloween (Sunday, November 1st).   And consider all those lucky people who don’t have to think about the time change.