Tool Bag of ResourcesI’ve been writing The Gadgantis Blog since 2010.  I’ve had a blog since 2007, but did not really begin to take it seriously until late 2011.  In April 2013 moved to WordPress.  My Blogger site still exists, but is merely a pointer to the WordPress site.  Since the move to WordPress I’ve learned much about blogging and what is involved with it. And as it is a passion of mine I would like offer you dear reader, access to the resources that I use.


  • WordPress – I was hesitant for a very long time to move to WordPress but am grateful that I have now, there are a great many options with the Content Management System, more than Blogger and someone easier to use
  • Yoast – A great developer of WordPress plugins.  Everything I have ever used by this dev is amazing.  I highly recommend Google Analytics for WordPress and WordPress SEO


  • BlueHost: I can’t say enough about these guys.  I’ve tried hosting with many different companies, but Bluehost takes the cake.  Pricing, availability, support, they’re the best I’ve used yet.  I highly recommend BlueHost

Images and Photos

  • Your Own Photos – I use my own photos whenever I can. It saves me the time of having to find another or the concern of dealing with copyright
  • Flickr Creative Commons – Nearly anything under the “Creative Commons” license is available for commercial use
  • Wiki Commons – Just about every image in the Wiki Commons is can me used for commercial purposes without paying a fee


  • Google Adsense – Next to Bluehost, Google Adsense is the second most valuable tool on Gadgantis.  The metrics and 
  • Chitika – I’ve only been using Chitika since June 2013, so I can’t say that it’s great, but it is fairly consistent with income, although commonly less than Google Adsense
  • Commission Junction – I began using CJ in May 2013, and I get many impressions with it. When I do get a purchase it is often more than I had ever or could ever get with Amazon.

Favorite News Sites

  • Engadget – This tech blog has been around for nearly a decade and is one of the first truly successful tech blogs.  It is the primary source for my inspiration to start Gadgantis
  • Everything USB – I been interested in USB since it’s debut over 20 years ago. This site isn’t always as busy as Engadget, but they have some really cool stuff
  • Gadjitz – This blog is very Tech Futuristic.  They remind me of the Popular Science / Mechantics magazines.
  • Wired – Some very smart and extensive reporting comes from Wired.  They are on par with if not better than Engadget.  The articles are always well written and interesting.