Ridiculously Impractical: Glove Phone

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Glove Phone Bluetooth accessory
credit: BBC

Reading about this non-commercial “glove phone” concept is like reading about how awesome pocket televisions are. Both are old-school solutions with impractical purposes that have been surpassed by technology that already exists.

So if you need to use your hand for something while walking or driving, you immediately lose the ability to keep talking. I can see the scenario already, “excuse me while I take this glove phone off and press it between my shoulder and ear while I use that hand to grab this binder.” I can already hear the adolescent jokes coming in, “you don’t know where that hand’s been…”

Of course this is concept reminiscent of Get Smart or the follow-up cartoon Inspector Gadget. Sure, it will be a bit nostalgic to those who wished in the 1960’s that they could have a glove phone. And it’s not like the inventor doesn’t at least have his heart in the right place, using recycled handsets to make the glove phone. But I’m quite sure this will be yet another novelty if it ever comes to the market.

Does your hand vibrate when a call comes in?  At least consider something that you can wedge between your head and shoulder if the need arises. Like this Retro Bluetooth Handset