Netflix Original: Sizzling Bacon

NetFlix Original Sizzling Bacon

 Sizzling Bacon a Netflix Original

With this Netflix Original, you might think you’re getting something good.  But don’t be fooled by the sexy imagery or tantalizing, golden-brown strips of luscious pork belly.

In this 20 minute production of Sizzling Bacon, Netflix brings you a frying pan with two strips.  I was honestly disappointed, expecting that maybe they might go all out, in the way that Google tends to do. April Fools Day joke or not, I think I take my bacon a little more seriously, does that make me a food snob (probably)?

I was tantalized at first. But you never can tell if the trailer will show you the best parts or just give you a taste of what is to come. The I was honestly expecting a full on Hollywood-style, catered banquet of bacon, but what I got was a frying pan with two strips. Don’t get me wrong, I love bacon, but this production was lacking

Google Plus Profile Pages get a view count

Google Plus Profile view count

 Google Plus Profile view count

It might seem like another April Fools jokes, but at least for now it seems legitimate. Google is rolling out a small, new feature on all Google Plus profile pages.  The total number of times your profile has been viewed, is showed next to your total followers.

I did not realize that I was so popular until today.  My first guess was that it had to do with some spam factor, or that Google might have made a mistake, but then I checked Mike Elgan’s profile and by comparison I’m still small potatoes.

Google Plus Profile


But of course my curiosity led me to other profiles, so

Robert Scoble. Not that surprised at nearly 100 million.  Yeah, i still follow him, but he does post a lot.

Trey Ratcliff.  Yeah that’s right over 4 billion.

Oculus VR Sells out to Facebook

oculus vr

I had high hopes for Oculus VR, they’ve made some really impressive advancements.  But I guess I can’t blame them for needing more money and $2 Billion is more money.  I just wish it hadn’t been a sell out to Facebook of all companies.  What is Facebook going to do with a Virtual Reality company?

It’s not obvious to me what Facebook would do with a VR company, but I am sure that they have some ideas.  $2 Billion worth of ideas, at least I hope it’s at least that much.  It’s just that to me the two are incongruous. Facebook is Social Media, Oculus VR is virtual reality gaming, not just 2-D Farmville-esq.  Sure Oculus is affordable VR, the first of its kind, but is it really Facebook-esq?

The concept seems to be more along the lines of the following scenario

  • OVR: We need money
  • FB: we have money
  • OVR: We want to develop more
  • FB: We can help you do that, join the fold
  • OVR: We would like to be partners
  • FB: If you want this money, you will join the fold.
  • OVR: uh, ok. Que sera sera

I’m sure that there have been buyouts in the past, maybe 20 years ago.  But there was no twitter, and barely any email.  The speed at which disappointment travels just wasn’t the same. And to boot, there was nothing like Kickstarer (until very recently).   I did not back Oculus VR, but I was glad that it existed.  Now, I’m not so sure.

Why do companies appear to become evil when then get so big?


Bus Stop Ad is ingenious (w/ Video)

Bus Stop Ad

Although this sort of thing, I can’t imagine Pepsi actually leaving up at a bus stop ad like this for more than the span of the time it took to capture people’s reactions, it’s still quite ingenious.

In order to capture the attention of the public for Pepsi Maxx, they created an impressive video capture system and inserted various impossible activities as an overlay to the capture.  But the video capture is taking scenes from real-life on the other side of the bus stop wall.  If you were to come at the wall from the side of the screen it would appear that it was just a window.  However from the back, it’s a large ad for Pepsi Maxx.

No words can describe the reactions of the public, just check out the video.

128GB microSD for Android

128GB microSD XC 

Holy Smokes, our prayers have been answered.  SanDisk revealed at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain that it has a 128GB microSD made specifically for Android.  This card meets the microSDXC standard not merely the microSDHC standard.

You’ve probably already upgraded your Galaxy Note 3 to the 64GB model in expectation of purchasing an additional 64GB microSD card so that you could at least meet the level of the highest end iPhone5.  But with this new card you will be able to exceed it by 50%.

It will certainly be interesting to see 128GB of storage on-board in the near future for high-end Android devices.  I’d want it just for movies, the measly 16 or 32GB available now, does not cut it when you want both music and movies (oh yeah, and your OS).

Here’s to looking forward to 256 and 512GB microSD.