May the Fours Be With You

May The Fours be with you


Shamelessly carrying on in respect of May the Fourth, I say May the Fours Be With You.

It actually was a striking coincidence that I happen to have come upon this number of fours and it also being May the Fourth.  But if I can celebrate both Pi day and 2Pi day, then I can celebrate May the Fours.

So happy Fours! And May the Fours Be With You!


Note: if you can guess which vehicle this odometer reading originates from, then the Fours are strong with you.

Sony Digital Paper tablet 04

Sony Digital Paper Tablet (w/ Video)

Sony Digital Paper tablet 01

The Sony Digital Paper Tablet

Oh great savior of paper, Sony, you’ve finally done what Amazon never had the guts to do. A real electronic ink tablet, with all the bells and whistles that the Kindle never had.  Thank you very much.

Alas, why did this tablet not see the normal fan fare that you’d expect from a very useful device?  Is it the $1000 price tag? is it the 13.3″ full touch screen?  What about the WiFi and 3-weeks of battery life?  External Memory card slot? Still nothing?  Okay, so it only has 4GB of on-board storage, a measly 1200 x 1600 resolution screen and only 16 shades of gray scale.  But who cares about that crap, it’s a full e-ink tablet.

For now it is the closest thing I have yet seen that matches paper, letter for letter, word for word, and isn’t vaporware.  You can actually buy this tablet on Sony’s Direct to Consumer website (and a few other sites).  Considering the recent release of the Russian Yota Phone 2 with it’s dual screen action (one color led touch, the other gray scale e-ink touch), I think it’s high time something this cool hits the market.

If Sony won’t sing it from the roof tops,  I will.  Check out the video

Tesla Gigafactory vs Apple Campus 2

Tesla Gigafactory Vs Apple Campus 2

It seems that in Silicon Valley, it’s not about how tall your building is, but how wide and green it is.   Although the Tesla Gigafactory is not in Silicon Valley, it’s also much, MUCH larger than Apple Campus 2.  By nearly a factor of 4 larger is the Gigafactory than the new Apple campus building.

While this might not seem incredibly impressive on the outside, how many large warehouses or corporate campuses built in the last 10 years can claim carbon neutrality?  Tesla is building enough solar power into the surrounding areas that it the plant will be run on renewable-energy sources alone.   Apple’s Campus will also be completely carbon neutral.  On any level, these massive structures are more than just signs of industry power, but trend-setters.Tesla Gigafactory vs Apple Campus 2

Tesla Gigafactory Specs

  • $5,000,000 to construct
  • $100,000,000 in benefit over 20 years
  • 10,000,000 sq-ft (930,000 sq-m)
  • 500,000 cars per year
  • 6,500 new jobs

Apple Campus 2 Specs

  • $5,000,000,000 to construct
  • 7,600,000 sq-ft (710,000 sq-m) Lot
  • 2,800,000 sq-ft (260,000 sq-m) Building
  • 12,000 employees

19 Strangers Sent Me The Same Text Message Simultaneously

On the morning of Sunday, January 4th 2015, 19 strangers sent me the same text message simultaneously.   It read “Congratulations, you are one lucky customer getting a credit applicable to your next month bill, for more details visit [Shortened URL]”

Logically this is impossible, it is of course a bot that is spoofing ( or that has pilfered) these phone numbers.  But I found it interesting because I use Google Hangouts as my SMS app.  Previously, the SMS app on my smartphone would have looked at this message and left 19 separate messages with the same text.  Google looks at groups messages a bit differently.

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Unlimited Everything Plan

T-mobile Unlimited (sort-of) Everything Plan


Unlimited Everything Plan (sort-of)

T-mobile has some pretty impressive lines of service.  I’ve been a customer since Android hit the market and I can testify to that quality of service.  At one time it did offer a whopping 10 Terabytes of streaming data per month, but nothing is perfect (even for T-mo).  But is it truly unlimited data?

The data, T-mobile claims, is Unlimited (sort-of).  I really dislike putting that condition in but it’s worth noting that offering unlimited tethering has not been on the plate of any carrier in a very long time (if ever).   You do get Unlimited Talk, Text messaging, and Data on 2 lines. Each additional line is $40 and you get the same deal.  You get Unlimited Texting from the US, Unlimited Data in over 120 countries, and Unlimited Data on flights via GoGo.   What more could you ask for?

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